Go, Go, Pokemon Go

Now, I never got into the whole Pokemon  thing because I just assumed it was for little kids, but maybe I was wrong.  I’ve also never  been too big  on computer games.  I’ve never played Farmville,  or Candy  Crush, or The Sims, or Minecraft,or any of them.

I suppose to some I must seem a dull,humorless type seeing as how I spend all my computer time arguing  about politics,  writing this blog, writing  poetry, and….well, that’s about  it,  really.

So, I’m not the most qualified  person  in the  world to be a social  media critic.  Nonetheless, this Pokemon Go game seems to be  taking the world by storm, I’ve read a few news  articles about it, and I’ve got  some  opinions, so here they are.

It’s a good  thing that it’s getting  gamers out  of doors,  interacting with the real world.  A teenager  in Wyoming, looking for Pokemon along the Riverside, found a dead body.  A bit traumatic for her, but  better found than  unfound.  On the other hand, some  accidents have been reported (as dangerous as selfies or texting? maybe), and some people  have figured  out  how to use it to  lure victims in for  a robbery.  So,  kinks are being  worked  out, and  people  need to be careful.
It strikes  me  that the reason for  it’s popularity is that people  do want  to inter-react with the real world, probably always  have, but it’s not easy  in this age of  alienation.  This game may provide a starting point,a bridge for people who mostly know how to inter-react online.  That,too, is a good thing.

It’s kind of like what Google Glasses wanted to be, i.e. a merging  of the real and cyber  worlds, but  for  some  reason that  didn’t  catch  on the  same  way.  Because  people like games.  Silly, silly games.

Will I play it?  Nah, still not a gamer.  No appeal to me, I’m not  even terribly curious.  But, it’s an important social  trend, so I’ll be  paying  attention.


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