How Sex Robots Will Save the World

I don’t really have too much to say tonight, there’s no arguing with Hillary supporters, they feel that they’ve won and that proves their candidate is not a criminal, for some strange reason, and polls are showing that she’s getting her ass whupped by the ferret hatted, tiny fingered, reality show huckster while Robert Reich writes “What’s going  on?”  What’s going on, professor Reich, is that a majority of Americans just can’t stand the  woman.

But, I don’t want to talk about politics, so let me write a column about sex robots, because that is always a popular topic  and boosts readership.

sex doll

I’m all for  ’em.  They would be a great boon for ugly people, people who are kind of unsocial and don’t get laid a lot, people  with insatiable  appetites who just can’t get enough from their partner or partners, or people with some special  kink which is illegal or socially unacceptable.

I once, in a real life  conversation, said  “I think the most popular model will be Patti Pubescent, and he  said “Well, now we know what your sex fantasies are.”

A couple of  other things – sex robots  won’t be able to get pregnant and they probably won’t  be able to transmit diseases, at least  if they’re new or only  have one  owner or are disinfected between uses.  So, the more  sex robots there are out there, the more STDs will drop and perhaps the birth rate, too, which eliminates the greatest problem facing  mankind, which is overpopulation.

Might have an effect on prostitution and human  trafficking as well.

All that and people  will be having  sex more often, too.  Win-Win.


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