Trees, Trees, Millions of Trees

On Monday, in a region  of northern  India, 800,000 volunteers planted nearly 50 milli0n trees in 24 hours.  The  goal was 50 million, but they only made 49.3 million before the 24 hour deadline.

uttar pradesh

That’s kind of  awesome.  All walks of life, politicians and housewives,  school children and soldiers, out  in the sun, sort  of a festival atmosphere, planting and singing…it didn’t  say in the article that they  were singing, but  I hope they were singing because it  makes the  work go easier and that is, therefore, how I picture it.

I didn’t actually hear about it until yesterday.  50 million trees is a cool thing, and it will go into the  Guinness book of world records (the previous world record was fewer than a million trees), but it’s not  Earth shattering  news.

Then, this morning, I hear the news of the massacre in Nice.  88 dead, many of them children.  There’s nothing you can say about it.  It’s horrible.  There’s nothing  anyone can  ever do to make it unhappen, or to make the damage less  painful.

But, as the world moves backwards, so it moves forwards, and  I think of the trees.  For all of the people in France who died, thousands of  trees were planted.  May they live long and grow  tall.


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