Ferry Cross the Vltava

When you’ve lived in a  city  for a long time,  even a historical, cultural, tourist trap of a city like Prague, you soon stop doing the touristy stuff (generally before you’ve been  there a year,  or maybe two.)  You become less concerned with where  the  hip, new clubs are and more focused  of what restaurants are within  walking distance.

But today, we decided to do something cool, that’s right in  our neighborhood, sort of.  As soon as you  cross  Sokolvska, you’re into a wild area, which was once the  land  of warehouses, scrap mongers and lots of derelict  structures with overgrown yards, and is  not  yet filled  in with new business centers and overpriced apartment  buildings, although that’s definitely the intention.

Walk a  bit  toward the center, then turn  through a cracked parking  lot with  grass  and  spindly trees growing through it, where no one  has  parked  for 15 years, push through the trees at the back and there  is a staircase down the bank and  a short,simple dock, where a ferry boat arrives on the half hour, during daylight, during the summer.  Same price as public transport, so if you have a monthly (or 3 monthly, or annual) pass, it’s free.

Helena and I were the only passengers on the  way over.  We didn’t have  much of a plan  for  our  day out; take the ferry across the river, walk around for  a while, look for someplace to have a snack, and come back.

When we got  off the  boat, we found something right  away we didn’t know was there , and that was the paved footpath.  I don’t know how long that’s been there, or how I didn’t know it existed, but there you go.  We also saw  some ducks.

We wandered around, and had cheesecake and drinks in an overpriced place with the softest music  I’ve  ever heard, it was  like Leonard  Cohen on Quaaludes, and almost nothing on the menu, but they  had a cannabis lemonade, so I had to try that.  It wasn’t bad.

Then we caught  the  ferry back, with a couple of other passengers this time, enjoying the cool air and the long views over the  river, in the light of the  late  afternoon.


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