People Are Good

I believe that  most people are good.  Not necessarily ‘good’ in the sense of high  quality.  50% of all people are below average intelligence.  Almost none of us  will never win  an Olympic medal.  And the vast majority  of people  will never do anything world  changing in their lifetimes – no great novel, no invention or discovery.  That’s  the nature of  the game.  Most of us are average.  That’s what  average means.

I mean ‘good’ in the  sense of not evil; decent, rational,  reasonable compassionate folks.  They don’t go out of their way to throw rocks at your windows, they’ll stop and call for  an ambulance if they  see an  accident, they will bend down to  pet the occasional dog.

I also believe that there is general consensus around the world about what  ‘good’ is.  Sure, the Arab world has  a long way to go in its attitude toward women, Koreans eat dog, and Americans have private prisons and the death penalty but, everywhere you go, parents love their children, children love to play, and  most  people  will not  throw rocks at your window without a good reason.

This makes me optimistic.  If we can get around all the different crap  our  governments put  out, there is hope that  the human race could come  together – and do wonderful things.


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