A Few of My Favorite Things

I’ve been arguing with Hillary  people,smug, condescending, irritating Hillary people and I want to try and think of something positive to write about, like cherry/red currant strudel, or our upcoming trip to Portugal, or how politics doesn’t matter as much as we convince ourselves it does, the oil companies will all go belly up in a few years because there won’t be any more oil, and solar and wind energy keeps getting more and more efficient, efforts to legalize marijuana will continue to happen here and there and since they always appear to be highly successful, public health improves, crimes drop, traffic fatalities drop, money gets raised for good  programs, and so the rate will accelerate, racism will eventually disappear from society  due to the shrinking of the space between us in this world and the cross-breeding that leads to, but it looks like it may take many generations to do it, oops, there I am, backsliding into negativity again.

Let us think about long walks on the beach, the smell of the earth after a rain, a baby looking at everyone on the Metro and  everyone smiling back, all goofy, games of frisbee in the park that last until it’s too dark to see, Thai banana  pancakes, a view of Florence at dawn.

Fuck Hillary Clinton.


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