The Blank Page

I am  frustrated with the speed of my keyboard, it seems that the letters don’t come up as I type them if I type to fast but there will be blankness for awhile  and then the  letters  will appear, one by bloody one.  It’s a small price  to  pay, I suppose, for the  privilege of broadcasting my words to the universe at large, but I  find  it frustrating.

Also, it seems to happen  most when  I have something important to say.  Perhaps that’s a sign from the universe, because I have  noticed that  what I  think important to say, almost  no one else ever does, and  perhaps  it’s just  the umbrella paradox, i.e. it  only rains  when  you’re not  carrying one.  It’s not  really true, but  that’s the  time you notice it.

Maybe there’s something in our evolutionary  makeup which  makes us paranoid (There’s a certain logic to that.  In more primitive times a lack of paranoia would get you killed,  pretty sharpish), but wherever one thing is, there its opposite is, too.  While our minds are  seeking out the most negative possible  angle on every situation, we overlook the obvious opportunities in front of us through  thinking about everything that could go wrong.

We talk about  ‘The Tragedy of the Commons,’ but what about ‘The Opportunity of the Commons?’

Every blank page is a potential start of an unwritten novel and the universe is filled with  blank pages.  Every  spare moment is a chance to begin anew.
That’s my 250 words for the night.  Sleep well, friends, and  good luck to those of you in Philadelphia.



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