Day two and a half of our Portuguese vacation and no internet access at the place we are staying, which is a beautiful home which is ours for the week.  We are still getting settled in, have not even made the walk down to the beach yet,a situation we will rectify shortly. At the moment we are in about door cafe,the view is of a cornfield with sunflowers,across the road there are white and yellow buildings with orange tile roofs and behind them the green mountains rise.  The sea is to my back but that is just the perspective from my side of the table.

Some impressions so far: Porto requires more than one day of sightseeing. We saw lots of castles and amazing things from the outside which I am sure deserved  to be seen from the inside, we did not take the cable car across the river or walk across the Eiffel bridge, and we did not see the river front at night. We did have our first air BBB experience, which was fine,we had a view of a totally overgrown courtyard, which  was a mini jungle of feral cats, popping in and out of sight like fireflies.

We have learned not to expect speedy service but so far I like the food.  They like putting an egg on things you would not expect an egg on,say, a hamburger for instance.

Now,we are in the quiet northern town of advice and everybody is eager for me to finish this so we can get to the beach.




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