Rio de Something or Other

I am spent.  Beat.  Knackered. Whipped.  Exhausted.  But that’s a good thing, the result of a day well lived.

It took a while to get started, nobody wanted to move in the morning so it was probably after 10 when we got started on our beautiful nature walk, the kind of endeavor that’s best started early, but early starts do not seem to be the rule for our party.


My kids in the pool

We took the street above the house, at my insistence, I just felt it would be much more interesting than the main road, where traffic is whizzing by and it feels like a touristy beach town, and I was right.  Walking through the streets, often walled on one side and sometimes on both, with huge flowers and blooming trees, an old fashioned drinking fountain which had two settings, off and torrent, so you got wet when all you wanted was a drink but that was O.K.

We walked up the river, which is really a creek, cascading down from the mountain over big, dangerously smooth rocks, which held no terror for the kids whatsoever, but me, if I hadn’t wound up just physically exhausted from the days exertions, would still be worn out just from repeatedly saying ‘Step back from there, O.K.?’

There was a series of pools, the water was cold, not as cold as the ocean, but cold and it felt good on a hot day.  The forest was beautiful, dominated by towering Eucaplyptus trees and tangled growth at ground level.  Even the human structures seemed ancient enough to blend in with nature, stone bridges and aqueducts which may have been a hundred years old, or a thousand or more.

When we got back,  we had a note on our door that the bulk  of the rest of our group had arrived, so we all went down to their home for the week and had a big spaghetti dinner and talked and laughed and some of us haven’t seen each other in years so it was a wonderful reunion.

Two more people arriving tomorrow.  We’ll probably just do the beach in the morning, which I’m quite happy with.


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