Today was physically much less demanding than yesterday, but just as rewarding in its own way.  It took us forever to get out of the house in the morning.  It was 11:30 before we set out and I was bitching at everybody and Helena was saying “Calm down, what do you think they’re doing?  We’re not going to miss anything.” and she was right, when we got down there they were at about the same stage of readiness as us.

Meanwhile, we had sweet, delicious banana pancakes with honey and whipped cream, and some with peanut butter or Nutella.

We spent several hours on the beach and the water was really too cold for much swimming, but eventually I did immerse myself and let a wave crash over me, but mostly we just sat on the beach and talked and played trivia games, and contemplated the ocean.

The ocean really puts things into perspective, and that is why it’s such a universally desired vacation spot, especially among those of us who don’t live near an ocean.  It’s vast, it goes the whole world round, and so it is a reminder of how small we are in the overall scheme of things.  Buddhists may meditate, and that’s great, but anybody can look at the ocean without any preconceived notions and get the same effect, perhaps even more directly.

Then some members of our party made a reservation for dinner at Senor Bacalhau, which I was jazzed about because I’ve been meaning to try bacalhau (it’s a national dish: cod), and then we went by the pool where our trek up to the mill began yesterday but this time a few of us went in swimming, it was so much warmer than the ocean.

Then, we went home and got a message that Dennis and Monique (my brother and sister-in-law) were on the train so we made it down to the station to pick them up.

Dinner was great.  I was going to have the Bacalhau, but Betsy, my niece who’s lived in Brazil and speaks Portuguese and is married to a Brazilian, pointed out that one of the appetizers was, in fact, bacalhau balls, so I considered that bucket list point checked and went for a pork skewer instead and it was great.

Everything was great, especially the magnificent view of the sunset from the terrace, although we thought it was a bit weird that everything came with french fries AND rice.  But that’s a small thing, and the world is so very, very big.


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