Some Notes on New Tech

I watched a documentary today on the proposed Bering Tunnel, which would certainly be an amazing feat of engineering if built and link the Americas with Asia/Europe/Africa by rail, so I’m rooting for it, but there were a couple of things they said which I found fault with, because that is what I do.
They were listing all the things it would have to be, like fire resistant, and not likely to collapse, and ‘able to withstand a 7.9 earthquake.’  They never explained what would happen if there were an 8.2 or 8.5, for instance, or why it shouldn’t be built to resist those.  Admittedly, they are rare, but they have been known to happen and it would be a darned shame if it were built and then knocked  down by nature a week later, with  a couple hundred passengers trapped inside, and a totally flooded tunnel, probably to never be built again.
The other thing was, they didn’t  seem to be talking about passengers at  all, but made a big deal out of how Siberia has so much  oil and natural gas and this would be good  for the U.S. economy.  Well, if that’s the reason for building it, I vote no.  We need to switch to solar and wind, and we need to switch like yesterday.

In good news on that front, Scotland recently had a day where their entire daily need for electricity was provided for by wind, and I believe a couple other countries have had days like that, so the world  is changing, and it’s technology, and not politics, which is  changing it, so I draw hope from that.


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