To Spice or not to Spice

Today is already tomorrow as it is half past midnight and I have no idea what to write about.  Discovery Channel on in the background, a program I used to watch but haven’t for a while about two guys who look for meteorites and this is a cool thing but gets dull after 5 minutes because, after all, it’s a couple of guys walking around in fields looking for rocks and they find one and say “Wow, look at the size of that!” and it’s a totally ordinary looking rock, but I just got my ‘learn something new every day’ moment when they pointed out that the metal detector was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, who also invented the hearing aid.  The telephone did not define his whole life.

Today was a story of spicy food.  Met Helena for lunch and we went to a Turkish place, I had a kebab and the guy asked me if I wanted it spicy and I said “Very,” knowing full well it wouldn’t be and he said “I will make it very spicy, you will remember me” but it wasn’t particularly spicy, they never do spicy in this country.  There is something to be said for Czech cuisine, but spicy isn’t it, and Chinese, Mexican and all foreign restaurants adapt.
For dinner, Helena made a vegetarian stew because we had a vegetarian guest and she bought some hot peppers to go with it and they were so spicy they burned my lips and gave me hiccups, and me and Sam were the only ones who would touch them at all.  It was great.  Spicy food is a pleasurable pain.

All for tonight.  Talk to you tomorrow.


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