The Alternatives

Most people agree this election year offers a particularly hideous choice of candidates. Although Hillary’s supporters scoff at the idea that she’s guilty of murder because her finger prints were not actually found on John Ashe’s barbells and Seth Rich just might have been shot in the back by a random mugger who then decided not to steal anything, they can’t deny that she rigged the election or that she’s crooked as hell.  They just keep repeating that she’s better than Trump, which would also be a reason to vote for Ronald McDonald, if he were in the race.  Trump’s supporters basically want to shake things up, which is a worthy goal, but even some of them are starting to realize that he has no idea what he is talking about.
So, what can we do about it?  Are we, the people, truly doomed to just these two choices?  All of the newspapers and TV networks tell us they are, but we know what liars they are.  History tells us that 3rd parties never win, but history keeps changing.

Here is the solution I propose.  If this sounds like a good idea to you, please feel free to share this: If you’re voting for Donald Trump just to stop Hillary Clinton, vote for Gary Johnson instead. If you’re voting for Hillary Clinton just to stop Donald Trump, vote for Jill Stein instead. (added bonus – she’s a woman)
The U.S. will get a president who is neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump and the two parties will get a wake up and shake up.

Everybody wins.


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