The Book of the Unknown

This is not a big news story, it will not change the world in any significant way, it won’t personally affect me, or probably anybody, very much, and yet it’s the kind of story which is of great interest to those who are interested in this kind of thing, which I am.

A Spanish publishing company is going to print an edition of the Vojnich Manuscript.  Up till now, there was exactly one copy of the Vojnich Manuscript in existence, and that is the Vojnich Manuscript; it’s like the Dead Sea Scrolls or the original copy of the Declaration of Independence or something.  It’s called the Vojnich Manuscript after the Polish bookseller who discovered it in 1912 in an old trunk in a Jesuit library near Rome.  It dates from some time before 1450, probably, and (get this, this is the important part) nobody knows what it says.  It’s not in any language known to mankind.  It’s something about plants, though, from the pictures.

It might be an apothecary’s guide, written in a secret code, or maybe written by somebody who wasn’t actually literate, but had seen people mucking about with these ‘letters’, and  just put  down some jund randomly, or maybe it  was aliens (aliens  are a possibility which can never be disproven.)

Anyway, I was getting excited, thinking how much I’d like to own a copy of this book I can’t read, until I saw that they’re just going to print about 900 copies, and tghey will cost  about 8,000 euros  each.

I think I’ll wait for  the movie.


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