Earth-like Planets

I tend to get excited  when I  read the phrase ‘earth-like planet’ because I visualize one of the earth-like planets from Star Trek (because most were) where they had trees, and quaint, little villages, and lots of people walking around wearing togas or some damned thing.

Yet all scientists mean by  earth-like is  approximate size (which means  it’s probably  a rocky planet) and within its star’s Goldilocks  zone.  Proxima B (we’ve got to find a better  name than that -if it’s an earth-like planet,it deserves an earth-like name.  I suggest Audrey.) is indeed earth-like in size, just a wee bit bigger, and it is in its planets goldilocks zone although it is much, much closer to its sun than we are.  A year on Audrey is only 11 days.  But, it’s planet is a red dwarf, so it’s not as hot as ours, and it’s red, not yellow.

In summary, it’s years are only 11 days long, which is less earth-like than  Westeros, and everybody has a birthday every couple of weeks, and its sky is probably a different color (we’ve got a yellow  sun and a blue  sky, if they’ve got  a red sun, they must have a ____ sky, I’m  sure there’s a way  of mathematically working that out and you’d probably have to factor  in  the various elements in their atmosphere, if they have one, so  it could be any  color really, and they  might or  might not have water, but other than that, it’s very  earth-like.

I suppose it’s worth looking into  deeper,  in any event.



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