It’s late  and I was nodding  out  surfing the channels -really, who watches these shows?  Some guy fishing?  If you like fishing, I can almost understand that, some outdoor pursuits are nice just  because they get you out of doors, but watching it  on TV – incomprehensible.


But, the point is,  I was nodding  out and there is a blog left unwritten, my daily promise to myself, my daily gift to the dozen or so people who readi it, and I didn’t have a theme.  That is, of course, the hardest part.

My wife  suggested waterfalls, because she just saw some list about the world’s top ten waterfalls, which is kind of meaningless to me because my favorite waterfalls tend to be small ones, out of the way ones, ones with no people around.

Waterfalls are nice, because they make the air feel fresh.  It’s hard to feel lethargic, or negative, when the air is literally, and I literally mean literally, charged.  If you go to Niagara, or one of the other  big ones, you can stand at a distance and watch the water crashing, and it inspires awe, but awe does not make the world go round.  If you know of a waterfall, deep in the woods where nobody goes, you can sit there and watch the water fall and meditate, or you can go stand under it, and feel the power massaging your head.

I really don’t have that much I have to say about waterfalls tonight.  But, I’m over 250 words and I’ll write again tomorrow.


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