A Suggestion to the T.V. Executives

The age-old wisdom, as old as television itself, is that the networks give the people what they want to see, that it’s all ratings driven.  I no longer believe that.  I can believe that people like a good cops and robbers shoot em up now and again, but I can’t believe that that’s ALL they want.  And I can’t quite believe that huge markets are sitting and watching people bid on lockers full of garbage and people  get excited when they find an old G.I. Joe doll that’s worth  $45.

But what I really can’t believe is that a Clinton/Trump race is good for ratings.  I know I turn Hillary off as soon as I see her, and I’m sure plenty of  people on the other side do the same.  Hillary Clinton, as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel, lost out on ratings to Teen Mom and a rerun of Friends.  Pretty much nobody is looking forward to them debating.

Let’s face it, America is not only disgusted with these two candidates, America is bored with them.  If you  are interested in ratings at all, the smart thing to do would be to open up the race. (You are the mainstream media.  You could  do that.)  Invite Stein and Johnson into the debates.   Start covering their campaign rallies, invite them onto your morning programs.  Your ratings will go up, guaranteed.

If, that is, what you’re interested in.

If your only goal is to get Hillary elected, because she supports your agenda of only telling the people what the government wants them to hear, carry on as you are.


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