Back to School

Tomorrow is the  first day of school.  Of course, like the last week or so of school in June, no work will actually be done.  They’ll check in, talk with their friends, get their schedules and stuff like that.  Still, it’s a landmark day.

This has been a wonderful summer, personally (of course, as far as the march of human history is concerned, it has sucked big time), and I don’t really have much desire to see it come to an end, but I’ll be glad to see the kids occupied with the charade of pretending to get an education, at least.

This should be the year when I’m not accompanying either of my children to and from school.  I’ll see Isabel to school tomorrow, but she  was already  agitating for me to mind my own business and stay at home  last year.  Most of her friends go to school by themselves, but most of her friends live within walking distance of the school.  Still, she knows the way, I’m sure she’ll be fine on the Metro by herself, so it’s going to happen. I just need to get used to it.



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