She’s Not Stupid

O.K., here’s the situation: Yesterday the FBI  released severely redacted  transcripts of some interviews they had with Hillary Clinton back in July.  The interviews were  all about the classified e-mails sent  from her personal  server.  So, this was not about the Clinton  foundation, or about vote rigging, those are other  investigations. Nor was it about the deaths of John Ashe, Seth Rich, and Shawn Lucas.  She’ll probably  just get  away with  those.

But, as  far as the classified material goes, well, wow.  She claimed she  didn’t know (C) stood for classified,  said she thought it  had something to do with alphabetical order.  The argument, as seen in this article, seems to be over whether she’s dishonest, or merely stupid.

I hate  this argument.  We always argue that the caught party  must be  either really dumb or really dishonest, and we can’t win, because they will just play  dumb long enough  to stay out  of jail, and then when we say, “Geez, you’re too dumb to be in office,then,” they will say “but I haven’t been convicted  of anything illegal”and refuse to drop  out of the race.  Nixon used to pull that  shit all the time.
Well, I’m not buying it.  That whole dumb or dishonest thing is a distraction, a time buying ploy.  We know damn well that  Hillary’s not  stupid.  Class valedictorian, all that,  that’s genuine.  That’s not our objection to her.

She IS, and the FBI must know this, having conducted  these  interviews, as crooked as the  day is long, as corrupt as rotten meat, and  every bit as self-serving as her not-so-esteemed opponent.

She knew damned well those documents were classified.  Because she is not stupid.


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