Pokemon Went

I had my first direct experience  with  Pokemon Go today.  It  was fun, for a while.

Our original plan was to go for a family bike ride this afternoon but it was already after 3 and we could see that wasn’t going to happen, so when Isabel said she wanted to go out and hunt Pokemon’s, I  said I’d go with her.  I was kind of surprised, I hadn’t  realized she played.

As we walked along, I was surprised at how much stuff she was finding – Pokemons, Pokeballs, and Pokemon eggs, and she explained a lot more about  the  game to me, but I only half followed.  I was enjoying the concept, it’s sort of like a treasure hunt, and it showed me some cool stuff I haven’t seen, right in my own neighborhood.

She got  4 Pokemons, a whole bunch of balls, and a couple of eggs and then  it started to rain so we went home.  I thought that  was a pretty good  haul, but Sam is almost 10 levels higher and has more than a hundred Pokemons more collected, and I didn’t know he  was playing, either.  It’s O.K., it’s not Grand Theft Auto.

So, Isabel and I went out again a couple of hours later.  This time she found about 30 of them, and it was hard to  actually go anywhere because she kept stopping  every two seconds.  I’m actually kind of over the game already.

We saw a couple of boys, probably about Sam’s age, who seemed to be playing as well and I thought “Ah, the game has possibilities for social encounters” and then I immediately thought “Yes, it has possibilities for really inappropriate social encounters, too.”

Isabel offered to put it on  my phone, but I think I’ll  pass.


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