The New Kids

It’s not as short and sharp a shock for me as it is for the kids, not nearly as traumatic and life defining, but I, too, am easing into the school year.  Today I had a new class, this is Isabel’s best friend and a couple of other kids from her school, and one of the mother’s will give Helena Spanish lessons in return, and that’s cool.
The lesson got off to a rocky start, as their buzzer doesn’t work and I couldn’t remember the pin number for my new phone, so I stood out in front of their building for 20 minutes, baking in the sun and sweating, until the kids came down, probably wondering why I was so late.

I was surprised at their level of English, and their  patience  at sitting through a full hour, both pretty impressive for a 9 and a 10 year old (and next week the 9 year olds little sister will join  us, she’s 8.)  We read Danny and the Dinosaur, and they were both eager to read, so it was a piece of cake.
Actually, it was a literal piece of cake as her mother brought one out after the lesson.
Tomorrow, I’ll start again at Gymnasium Bratři Čapku, and I’m looking forward to that, although it never goes as smoothly.  The older people get, the more complex their personalities.  It’s a whole different set of problems.  And I don’t really have a plan.  Hopefully I’ll wake up with one in the morning.
And, with that, good night.


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