We spent this evening bowling because Helena  had some coupons, and we are the kind of family that does not let coupons go to waste.  We met a friend there, someone I haven’t seen for quite a while, so that was an added plus.

Helena made the same comment she makes every  time we go bowling: “We should go bowling more often.”  It’s true, I agree.  We should go bowling a lot more often because, honestly, we both kind of suck at it and, since it’s something we do maybe once a year, if that, our scores are never going to improve.

A good time was had by all, however.  That’s the thing I like about bowling.  Although it is a competitive sport and requires a certain amount of skill and practice to play well, people of all different levels can play together and all get the same amount of time participating, everyone’s turn  is just as long.  If you are playing tennis, or chess, or even arm wrestling, and one person is really good and the other a complete beginner, neither one is going to have a very good time and, at the end of the exercise, one contestant is going to feel humiliated and one frustrated.

Not a problem with bowling.

I wasn’t too terrible in the first game, even threw a couple  of strikes, but in the  2nd game the ball just seemed hell bent on going into the gutter every time and even Isabel beat me – which I think she was pretty pleased with.

Pizza afterward and then home.  Also, it was a couple of hours offline and interacting with the real world.  I need that occasionally.


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