The Social Effects of Sex Robots

I saw this article a couple of  days ago – well, I saw the headline and then read the comments section, which is my usual m.o..  From my studies of, and brief time working in, journalism, I know that a lot of stories are written because space needs to be filled, and the stories never match up to the headlines anyway.

Going straight to the comments section is easily justifiable in this case.  I’m not interested as much in the robots themselves as I am in people’s reactions to them, which were about evenly split.  Those who treated it like a big joke, and those who just thought it was ‘disgusting’ and ‘creepy.’  A few women asked where the male robots were, but I think they were mostly among the joking ones.

Well, they are coming.  Whatever the state of the art is now, it will only continue to improve.  The more the state of the art improves, the more people will get them, the more the price will drop, and the more people  will get them.
There will be android robot men for women (and gay men) and android robot women for men (and gay women.)  The technology is almost there, and the market is surely there.

Some will have them because they are lonely and have no relationships, some will use them as an adventure on the side (not all of these will be owned at home – there will be brothels), some as a sexual supplement for swinging couples.
Some people will continue to say it’s disgusting.  That will happen for several future generations.  People are judgmental sorts.

One aspect of the situation that has been overlooked: a lower birth rate.  Overpopulation is probably the world’s most serious problem, and here is the solution staring us right in the face.  That’s worth something.


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