On Hillary’s Health

Hillary Clinton  left the 9/11 Memorial earlier today, and it  was clear she was not well.  As she got into her car, she appeared to faint.  Now I feel bad about some of the mean things I’ve said about her, especially yesterday when I said “I hope she dies,” on a particularly  combative thread.

I haven’t  actually changed my position – Hillary Clinton’s demise might be the best thing that  could happen for America – and the world – but I do feel bad about thinking it.

Maybe she could just be sick enough to be forced to step down?  Nah, she ain’t going  to step down as long as she’s drawing  breath.  We can see that.

After her Cleveland Cough-a-thon, they  said it  was allergies.  Today, after  not taking her to a hospital but to her daughter’s apartment, her doctor  said it was dehydration, or  pneumonia.

That struck me as a bit of double talk, because dehydration and pneumonia are not the same thing.

On CNN, they were fawning all over her, (fair  enough, if she’d died the praise would be sickening) saying what  a grueling, physically demanding thing it was to run for president.  What grueling schedule?  She goes to private fundraisers, in fancy hotels and millionaire’s mansions, away from the cameras.  She hasn’t got a grueling schedule.
Well, maybe I’m being  a bit cynical  here, standing  for hours in the sun can cause problems, and she’s not a young woman.

But, if she thinks the campaign trail is grueling and a threat to her health, wait till she tries being president.


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