Global Warming and a Suggestion on How to Improve the World

It’s raining outside as I  type  this at 11:15  p.m. or, as the Czechs would  say,  23:15, which makes a whole lot more sense, but old  habits die hard,  especially when there  is  no particular reason to change them.
It is not a hard rain, it is a  gentle rain, one that it would not be unpleasant to be out walking in, but it is an overdue rain, a necessary rain.  I was just standing out on the balcony a bit, enjoying the change in air pressure.

It’s been a seriously hot week, I saw somewhere that every day this week was the hottest day on record for that day, and I believe it.  That’s happening more and more often.  That’s happening more and more often, and we still can’t get people to take global warming seriously.  We have these arguments over oil pipelines, and the point is we shouldn’t be using oil at all.  Solar and wind could  power the  grid, and we need to work on batteries that  will power our cars and planes.  And we need to get over cars entirely, but that’s not going to happen any time soon.
I am jazzed about the trans-Canada bike trail, though.  I don’t know the details, I saw one short  video on it (4-5 minutes is about  my  limit, my attention span.  Longer than that I don’t watch) but it looks sort of like a combination of trails, some meant for pedestrians, some for bicyclists, and some for horseback riders.  That’s all good, except that I think horses definitely deserve their own path and don’t belong with the others.
Canada does cool stuff.  So does Iceland.  So do a handful of countries around the world, now and again.  Japan does cool stuff sometimes, if just being weird and techno-geeky can count as cool.
I’ve no idea where I’m going with this blog and a clear direction is not emerging, so I am off to bed with this thought: when a country does something which is totally awesome wicked cool, like the trans-Canada bike path, other countries should take note and try to do it, too, to one up it, and thus we would make progress, step by step, one foot in front of the other, until we reach the golden future every sane person desires.


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