The Dialogue of Dolphins

Yes, it is definite.  Dolphins have language.  We don’t know what they  talk about.  We don’t know if they have poetry, and music.  We don’t know if they have folk tales, passed down from generation to generation.  We don’t know if they talk about humans and what assholes we are for putting down all those nets.  We don’t know if they have some words that only adult dolphins are supposed to use.  Scientists haven’t figured out very many individual words yet, there is no Rosetta Stone or anything equivalent.  There is a word they  think means fish, or it might mean ‘something good to eat” or “Hey, look, over here.”  A bit of work remains to be done.
However, the thing with language is that once you’ve go a bit of it, it becomes correspondingly easier and easier to learn, with  each passing word.  So, we’ll start off by figuring out ‘fish’ and work out from there.

I can just imagine the conversation dolphins have:

Are you hungry?
Whaddya wanna eat?
Fish!  OMG, that’s my favorite, too.  What do you like to do in your spare time?

Oh, I dunno.  Swim around and stuff.
Wow!  That’s so cool.  We have so much in common.  You are really hot, btw.  You look like a….

Like a dolphin? Thanks, so do you.  so does everybody else.

And I suspect that’s about all they ever talk about.  But, seriously, I’d be  very happy to find out it’s more than  that   That would be awesome.


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