Facebook Quizzes

You may be a whiz at the
internet quizzes
and still not know shit from shinola
as such
They make them easy
so everyone can be
an internet genius
without knowing much

I don’t really object to the Facebook quizzes that much, I occasionally even take  one when  I’m in the  mood.  Just wrote a cynical little poem because I’m in a cynical mood, what with the world going to shit and all.
The little personality quizzes, at en.name, sometimes get me curious enough to click, against my better judgement.  You know the ones, which 19th century literary figure are you, what’s your spirit animal, stuff like that.  I don’t usually post the results, because that would  be an admission that  I took the  quiz, and I don’t expect it’s actually  going to get me any cool points.  But I want to know, and I sort of delude myself into thinking they actually know something, and are not just throwing out one of a random set, which is totally what  they’re doing.

The one I took today was “What is your headline?” and my result was “Willie is First Person to Meet Extraterrestrials,” which is not bad because I am a bit of a science geek, mostly a science fiction geek.

The thing is, though, with all Facebook knows about us, far more than anybody reading your horoscope or Tarot  cards, you’d think they’d be able to do these kinds of quizzes for real, give you dead accurate readings, reach inside your soul and give you personalized words of wisdom that would change your life.

But they don’t.  And it’s just plain laziness on their part.


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