Things Seen on Facebook

Somebody wrote something today (on Facebook, mind you) along the lines of “In the hour when you lay dying, you will look back on your life and regret the number of hours you spent on Facebook.”  That could be true, I suppose, but for sure I am not going to spend THIS hour thinking about what I’m going to be thinking in the hour I lay dying, which is almost guaranteed to be the least productive hour of my life anyway, certainly not one which will have a great influence on my future.
Then there was a meme, of a frequently seen variety, of a log cabin in a pastoral setting, saying ‘would you live here, without TV or internet access, for a whole month, for $100,000?’  What a dumb question.  There are actual, unpleasant things that I would do for $100,000.  It’s not even a dilemma.  If they’d asked ‘Would you sleep in a bathtub full of snakes for $100,000?’ or ‘Would you let somebody smash your kneecap with a sledgehammer for $100,000?,’ I’d at least understand the question.  So, I guess memes like that are just clickbait and I shouldn’t respond to them, but sometimes I do.
Then, since I’ve got mostly writers on my friend’s list, things like this occasionally pop up: ‘when do you find time to write?’  That was actually fortuitous, because it was 5 minutes ago and by the time I’d finished typing my response, I realized I had my blog, all ready to cut and paste, and here it is:

There is the actual touching of pen to paper, fingers pounding away at the keyboard type of writing, which you have to find a bit of time for, and then there is the actual writing, which goes on in your head and can happen any time, while you’re walking down the street, as you’re just coming out of a dream in the morning, the real writing.
Did you know that Paul McCartney wrote Yesterday while he was taking a dump? True story. At least, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Paul said it was a true story, and who am I to question it?
I saw a great quote from Henry Rollins today, in meme form. I’m not going to go looking for it, so this is a paraphrasing: there is not such thing as down time, free time, spare time. There is only time.
And that is my deep thought for today, even though I borrowed it.


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