A Strategic Suggestion for the Democrats

Dear Hillary Supporters: If this argument between us is just over who’s to blame for the increasingly likely Democratic defeat in November, go ahead. Blame us. We’re certainly going to blame you and I wouldn’t expect anything different.
But if it’s actually about how to defeat Donald Trump, I have a suggestion. Remove Hillary Clinton from the ticket. It’s not just that we Berners find her repugnant, although that’s a factor you might take into consideration; we feel about her as a victim of theft feels about thieves which, if you are paying any attention to the class action lawsuit by Sanders supporters against the DNC, you will have noted that they admit to being.
It’s that she’s just not physically capable of campaigning on the level it might take to win this thing. Videoconferencing isn’t going to do it, and she sounded absolutely terrible in that one she did with some union the other day. A few carefully scripted talk show interviews may help her a bit, I hear she did O.K. with Zach Galafanaikos (sp?), but they’re not going to put her over the top. A stellar debate performance might do it, but it doesn’t look like too many people are going to be watching the debates, unless Stein and Johnson are in them. Getting thousands of avid Hillary supporters going door to door encouraging independents to vote for her would be a reasonable tactic, if she had thousands of avid supporters willing to do that, or if she had support among independents.
Basically, though, she’s going to have to talk to large crowds at some point, she’s going to have to answer questions and not stay hidden from the press and the public, and I doubt she has the physical stamina to do that.


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