An Accidental Discovery

Sometimes you screw up and sometimes it’s O.K., and I don’t feel bad because it wasn’t my screw up and we erred on the positive side, at least.
I was at home, it  was about 4 o’clock and, as Sam left for  football practice, he asked “What about Isabel?”  I thought ‘Yeah, that’s right, she should  be home by now but, whatever, she’s always got some after school activity or another or might be over at a friend’s house, it’s at least an hour, maybe two, before I start worrying,’ but I said “What about Isabel?” and he said “Aren’t you supposed to go with her to dance lessons today?”

Well, nobody’s said anything to me and, to be sure, I’m not clear yet on what her permanent dance schedule is going to be (its’ street dance), she’s only been to two lessons and one  was introductory.  But, I called Helena to check and she  said yes, you’re supposed to meet her in front of school at 5.  No problem, it’s only about a half hour to the school.  Isabel called me just as I was on my way out  the door, very good of her (I’m being sarcastic).

Anyway, on the  way there she told me she wasn’t sure if the lesson started at 5:30 or 6:30.  We got there about  5:15 and 6:30 proved to be correct.  So, we went out and  walked around the neighborhood a bit and discovered an absolutely delightful park.  Lots of  little  fountains which were like science projects, water wheels and screws and stuff; a windmill; lots of  adult  exercise equipment and some traditional kids stuff, too.  Plenty  of benches and a very high roofed, like 4 or 5 meters, light brown, wooden shelter.
From now on, I’ll probably wait there during her lessons, weather permitting, but we would not have discovered it if we hadn’t screwed up on the schedule.


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