An O.K. Sunday

Today was a pretty good day.  Of course, I spent  a  bit of time arguing  politics  with  people on Facebook, because  it is a day which ends in Y, but then about 10:30 I got drafted to take Isabel and  her two friends to a toy store.  Not just any toy store, they weren’t actually shopping.
Since I have been in Prague, nearly two decades, the biggest toy store has been Sparky’s, but this place puts it  in the shade, makes it look like  just a store (which, of course, it is)  Henleys, or Hemleys, or something like that, is  more like  a funfair that happens to sell toys.  There is a big slide from the second floor down  to the first, a full sized merry-go-round, a rally pit for remote controlled cars, drones flying around, and a huge statue, like two stories tall,  of some  comic book superhero I didn’t recognize, that’s how old  and out of  the loop I  am.
As soon as we got into the  shop, Isabel gave me directions to the  cafe, in away that made it  clear she  didn’t want me hovering over them, after all, she’s no longer 8 years old (she’s 9),  so I went to the cafe and had a seat and started a book I’d borrowed from Helena.  Really, we do not have the same taste in books at all, but at least it  wasn’t  Nicolas Sparks.  It  was John Green, Paper Towns.
Well, after about an  hour we went home, had burritos for lunch, I read a bit more, did a bit more Facebooking, and then went to Sam’s football game.  It was a bright, sunny day so I was very glad they played on the field where the bleachers are.  Kept half an eye on the game and got a bit further in the book.  No loss, I mean no loss for me not seeing every second of action in the game, the game was a loss, 7-1.
Came home, a friend was over for  dinner, and after he left I finished the book but it is now after midnight.  So, I guess that’s a sign of a good book, and although maybe it’s not actually intended for adults, I enjoyed it.


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