Alternate Universes Skeptic

I am a fan  of Michio Kaku, in  the same way  that I am a fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Phil  Plait, Michelle Thaller and  many others of that  type.  Once upon  a time there  was Carl Sagan, and people pointed to him as a rare phenomenon, a scientist who could actually talk to people normally, but now  that is rather a common breed.
But, tonight’s blog is  about Michio Kaku.  He seems a bit more broad based than  some of the others, and speaks  of  robotics as easily  as  of astrophysics but, to tell you the  truth, I have no  way  of knowing which of these guys are really  ground breaking scientists, which are flakes, and  which are considered flakes by  the scientific community but will turn out to be the  true cutting edge scientists in the end, because  I don’t really know that much about  science.  I’m just a fan.

Anyway,  I was watching Kaku’s show the other day, I believe it’s called “Science of the Impossible” and he talks about some interesting stuff, but I kind of hate the format.  He’ll take some impossible task, like say time travel, or building a faster than light ship, and  spend the hour explaining the physics of  it and then come out to a studio audience of whom have are  dressed like Darth Vader or some shit, and say “Today, I invented Time Travel” and give  like  a 5 minute explanation and then they’ll interview audience members who all say “Wow, dude, that was like so awesome.”  Really, they should leave the audience out of it.  I  don’t watch those shows to hear what a bunch of goobers, who aren’t any smarter than I am, think.
Anyway, the topic the  other day was portals into alternate universes.  Both Michio Kaku and the audience members said the same bullshit thing, which strikes me as indicative of  not knowing what the word ‘alternative’ means.  “Maybe in an alternate universe I would be a huge rock star, or married to Miss Universe, or  have billions of dollars.”  Well, no, because  the you in an alternate universe isn’t you.  You are the you who is right here in  this  universe, reading this blog, right now.  There might  be somebody who sort of looks  like you, has similar parents and  siblings and back  story, but it is still someone different.  You don’t feel  what’s going on inside them, you don’t share  their emotions, because  you just  don’t.  You’d know it if  you did.


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