I’m not an environmental optimist but I am hesitant to accept today’s news that  we have pumped so much carbon into the air that global warming  is  not irreversible and the human  race and life on earthas we know it is basically fucked, but my  objections amount to wishful thinking:  the  scientific word on the street  is that we are, indeed, well  and truly fucked.

However, the  human capacity for invention is  damned near infinite, and we are inventing computers that are even smarter  than we  are, so there’s that.  The main problem, of course, is that there are just too many people but, there is some evidence that mankind’s obsession with computer games may actually be reducing the birthrate – whether this is radiation sterilization, the inability of gamer geeks to form relationships (nothing really new there) or what, I don’t know, but I see it as a positive trend.

Obviously, we need to reduce the number of cars on the roads, but  this could be accomplished by driverless cars, better public transportation (trains, mostly), electric cars, and better city planning.

We need new devices to suck the carbon out of the air, and a revival of the old classic, i.e. trees.  A few hundred billion more of those guys planted here and there and it just might reverse the trend.  Also, we need to stop cutting them down, like immediately.  Nobody needs wooden furniture, or even wooden homes.  I understand the aesthetic, wood is beautiful, no doubt about it, but if a hundred year moratorium is needed in order for the human race to survive, I think we can learn to live in brick and concrete buildings and eat off of metal tables.
Paper?  Hemp makes really great paper.

The problem is that, even with today’s news, we aren’t  even starting to move in the right  direction, and probably won’t  until we’re choking to death, or the ocean swallows Florida, whichever comes first (I’m rotting for the ocean in this contest , by the way)
I hope  it won’t be  too late.


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  1. DW

    Actually, concrete production is a major polluter, and metals need mining and refining, both at high environmental cost. Agreed, billions of trees should be planted.

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