Off to the Cottage

I think I’ve figured out why Donald Trump didn’t pick Chris Christie for his running mate.  It’s because Chris Christie is a fat pig.  Think about it.

Tomorrow morning we’re headed up to the cottage.  We means me and Sam, Isabel and Helena left this morning.  I think I’ve just about got it down to my ideal, which is 4 cottage visits a year – one  in Spring, one in Summer, one in Autumn, one in Winter.  Actually, might wind up doing two this autumn, because this trip is for my father-in-law’s 70th birthday, and we usually go up for Halloween.

It’s a beautiful place, I just get bored.  You’ve got  so much outdoor natural beauty all around, and everyone sits around and  watches T.V.  Which I shouldn’t bitch, it’s what I do at home, but it’s a language thing.  Maybe partly a cultural  thing, too, I’ve just never developed an appreciation for Czech T.V.
Right now I’m watching ‘Strip the Cosmos’ and they’re talking about Martian geology, which I guess would be Areology, technically.  I don’t know how they know some of the stuff they know, like what’s below the surface of Mars.  Sure, we’ve got little robot rovers roving around, and they may have taken soil samples and stuff, but I’m sure they haven’t gone more than a meter or so down, tops, and here they are talking about lava tubes under the  surface and, while there might be some evidence, we can’t really know that.
I’ll write a quick blog tomorrow  morning before we leave so I don’t miss a day of blogging, and then I’ll be back Sunday afternoon.


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