In Case I Haven’t Been Clear…

A few minutes ago I was called petulant on Facebook because I am not voting for the warmongering anti-environmentalist Hillary Clinton. I am not petulant.
I have often been called childish and immature for the same reason. It seems Hillary encourages this, with comments about how all Bernie supporters are living in their parents’ basements and such, but the childish charge doesn’t bother me too much. I am not always the most adult adult in the room.
But I am not ‘petulant.‘ This is not a ‘snit.’ I have thought about this long and hard. There is an important principle at stake here and if we elect Hillary Clinton we are violating that principal.
It is the principle of fair play, which is, despite our sins against the native American and African races, the basis of American democracy. It is the principle that people’s votes count.
In the Democratic primaries, the people’s votes did not count. The DNC selected Hillary Clinton as the nominee before the primaries even started and what they did to stop Bernie Sanders from getting the nomination went way beyond a bit of harmless bias. It was election rigging, plain and simple.
If Hillary Clinton becomes president, we will have validated that violation. We will have said the even though we were cheated out of our voice, our part in the process, we will go ahead and vote for whoever they tell us to vote for, because the alternative is so much worse.
Make no mistake, I am well aware of how horrible Donald Trump is. Nonetheless, he won his party’s primary fair and square. If he wins, we will suffer egregiously for four years. But if Hillary wins American Democracy is over. We will have surrendered it without a fight.


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