Alchemy, October 16

Tonight was my regular poetry reading, but first I had to accompany Isabel and her friend to their street dance lesson.  I should have taken an umbrella.  It was drizzling when I left the house, coming down pretty steady when I met the girls, and pouring down after we got off the bus to walk up the hill to the school where they have their class.
Still, I left them there for Helena to pick up and went.  When I got to Andel, I was still a little early  but  very aware of the fact that I hadn’t had any dinner, so I stopped at McDonald’s (yeah, I’m one of those low-class types that actually  likes their food), and a couple of gypsy kids tried to con me/beg money, I don’t know what they were trying to do (‘Hey, that was my order!,’ the  smaller one said)
I  was still only about 5 minutes late, which normally is still early, but tonight  it started right on time and the featured speaker was in full swing.  He was good.  A little rap, a little spoken word, with a definite them running through it: becoming.  What am I becoming, when will I become it.
The interesting thing was that almost everybody was new.  Not completely new, there were a few who’d been there last month, a couple who’d been there once or twice before, but I walked in and realized I was pretty  much in a room of strangers.

It’s cool, Alchemy goes through these phases, where there’s a total change of people.  It’s good.  New blood.  I liked the  guy  who did the ten  word poems, with illustrations.  That was creative.  There were a couple of humorous, but mostly scatological, stories.
No women, though.  Oh, plenty  of women  in  attendance, but not one took the stage.  I don’t know what can be done about  that.


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