The Haunted Forest

O.K., this will be the big test if the blog is back online or not. Well, maybe it is. There’s every chance I’ll be able to post today and not tomorrow. Or the next day. It makes me feel a bit helpless, we are so dependent on the internet, and I am so not knowledgeable about it.
But, some way or another I’m going to keep writing a blog a day,if I have to find another host, or set up a different page,I’ll do that. It’s not that I have such a clear message I want to get out to the world. I mean, of course I want to get my message out to the world, but what that message is changes from day to day as we react to the world, rather than actually changing it.
It’s been a pretty nice weekend. Sam had a football game, he got one goal in a 6-1 win and the weather was nice for watching, cool and cloudy but not raining, and not windy. Last night I went with Helena and the girls (Isabel and a friend from school) to a “Haunted Forest” and we followed the directions we had exactly and wound up driving on a footpath in the park, there were speedbumps and a 20kph speed limit sign so we assumed it was O.K. for cars but it felt wrong and it was dark, and then as we were coming out a guy stopped his car and yelled at us for driving through the park and then he took off. So, we turned, and drove down the same street he’d taken. About a block up, H decided to park and we’d look for it on foot, so she did but it was a narrow road and a car just sneaked around us. But then, it started raining and we weren’t seeing any signs of the event or anything so we figured maybe it was even canceled and got in the car and went forward. Here is the scary forest bit. We drove straight ahead about one more block and the street ended. There were a few abandoned looking vehicles scattered around, but no egress and no sign of the two cars that had gone ahead of us!
We turned around and got out of there. The kids were totally unfazed, but it weirded me out a little bit.


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