One Door Opens

One door closes, another opens, that’s not a reflection on my life at the moment, I’m on a pretty steady track, but it’s the though that was going through my head on my way to my first lesson this morning, like between the time I rang the bell and my student came down to open the door, and I had the beginnings of a poem on the subject in my head, but very little of it isdown on paper so this blog is sort of ramblings in order to get my thoughts clear on the subject, when a vine grows, you don’t know which way it will go but after it’s grown you see what it is, what it was always destined to be, because it was in its DNA, and in the contours of the environment in which it was grown.
Of course, on one level, it’s internet meme bullshit, and not literally true. Sometimes doors close, permanently, and the ones that open are shitty substitutes. Death, for instance. That seriously limits your opportunities. Imprisonment. An amputation will generally cut your career in pro football short. (But, one of my favorite ‘one door closes, another opens’ stories has to do with sports. Jack Kerouac played football in college and had a decent shot at a pro career. One season he broke his leg. While recuperating he wrote “The Town and the City” and the rest is history)
But on a philosophical level, it is a great truth, wherever you are, whatever your situation in life, you have doors to go through, choices to make, and the closing of one leads you to take a closer look at all the others. Maybe you always get the pistachio ice cream but one day they are out, so you have chocolate chip instead, and damn if your life don’t change.
On another level,and I really want to get this into the final version, there is the multiverse theory, so every time you choose a door, you are continuing in the universe in which you opened that door, but there are also universes in which ‘you’, or that universes version of you, opened the other doors, and that goes on and on because the universe, or the universe of universes as the case may be, is not only infinite in time and space, but also in complexity.


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