Prague Signal Fest

Of course, it would be unfair of me to offer an over all review of the Signal Fest. There were over twenty sites, and some of them may well have been amazing, but I thought the five or six sites we saw were somewhat less than overwhelming.
My biggest complaint, and really shouldn’t even be complaining, it was a free thing (for the most part, more on that in a sec).
We started in front of Palladium, but the exhibit was in a little box and they could only get a couple of people through at a time and the line was all the way back to the steps coming out of the Metro, so we passed on that but Helena had a second reason for starting there. Perks of the job, she got to pick up a VIP pass. The show at Old Town Square was not bad,colorful, but it had what I think is the biggest flaw with this art form. They didn’t really use the building. It was just a light show on a bumpy surface, would have looked better against a flat, concrete wall. The big, white, tranlucent, man hanging over the Philosophy Building across from the Rudolfinum, was kind of interesting, and there were actually several more of those about town. We got to Kampa Island and there was a whole range of them there.
The one with the windmill/bird/flower. And the big one, which cost 50 crowns, but that’s where the VIp booklet came in handy. They had a bit at the beginning where they appear to bend the building but it soon degenerates into the same old, lame old.
But, a lot of people came out, a lot of projects were realized, andit’s all good.


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