Life Will Go On

If I just start writing the hope is that somewhere along the way I will think of something to write about which, hopefully, will not be politics, which everyone is well sick of.
The thing is, whatever happens (Hillary Clinton is going to win. I’m voting for Stein and praying for a miracle, which is a strange thing for an atheist to say but it’s a figure of speech, goddamit,)life will go on. Realistically I know she will win, Trump has been trying to lose from the beginning and it seems that the ‘grabbing ’em by the pussy’ comments finally did him in, and the press is obviously on her side (as they were in the primaries and, no doubt, she’s got the whole thing flat out rigged.
Life will go on. As president, she will vote for every oil pipeline, every offshore well, everything the oil companies want that comes across her desk. Still, solar technology and wind technology will continue to advance, and eventually clean energy will win out. The climate is going to change, there will be more hurricanes and floods, and we will learn how to deal with it, and some people will die, more than necessary, but each incident will pass when the next incident comes along. She will, as president, fight hard against the legalization of marijuana, but it’s hard to argue with the Colorado economic miracle, and the fact that it hasn’t exactly destroyed civilization in places where it is legal. State after state is going to want to hop on that gravy train, sooner or later.
Sorry, guess I wrote about politics again.


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