Ecuador Caught in the Middle

Ecuador has become the Bernie Sanders of nations. After having hosted Julian Assange at their embassy in London for the past 4 years and a bit, they have cut off his internet access.
Since they have supported Assange for the last 4 years, it’s clear they approve of him and his mission. So, why start harassing him now? It seems pretty clear to me that there has been some coercion, and it has come from the U.S., even though the Ecuadorian embassy issued a statement saying (perhaps not exact words) ‘We were not coerced.’
Their stated reason is that so many of the recent Wikileaks releases have shown so much on Hillary Clinton, that there is a risk they will influence the election, and they want to remain neutral. Sounds reasonable, but think about it. Assange has information that might be damaging to Hillary Clinton (Probably won’t. Most people are so freaked out at the thought of a Trump presidency that they have absolutely blinded themselves to anything negative about Hillary Clinton. Rigged an election? So what.) So, the Ecuadorians are trying to keep him from releasing any more. Too late, of course, locking the barn door after the horse has gone, so to speak. But, they’ll make the gesture and keep the Americans mollified, much like Bernie going out on the campaign trail for Hillary.
The main issue, to me, is that Hillary is complaining (and the Ecuadorian embassy definitely APPEARS to be acquiescing to her complaints)that information will ‘negatively’ impact the election, in other words, damage her chances to win it.
Information SHOULD impact elections. The more information the voters have,the better informed their decision will be, and that is the goal of democracy, is it not?


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