Mama Mark Zuckerberg

A few days ago one of my Facebook friends was complaining (and he is not the first I’ve heard with this complaint) that he had to take a time out from Facebook. That is ‘had to’ as in was required to by Facebook. Now, this can happen for a number of reasons. I know some have been accused of ‘violating community standards,’ but seeing on a day to day basis what those standards are, I sometimes wonder how far you have to go to violate them.
In this friend’s case, it was because he was posting too much. Admittedly, this guy post a LOT, but still. Why should Facebook care how often a person posts?
I also wonder why there is a limit on the number of friends you can have. Wouldn’t Zuckerberg be better off, both financially and in the reduced stress department, if he’d just let the big dog off the leash to run free?
But, there seems to be a compulsion to exercise power. If one has the power to make rules, one tends to see the need for rules everywhere. Parents make rules. Teachers make rules. Bosses make rules. Restaurants and Bars make rules. Sometimes, they are pretty basic, common sense things. As a free spirit freedom loving hippie, I have often mocked the phrase “No shirt, No shoes, No service’ but who wants to sit in a restaurant next to some hairy, fat guy with no shirt? I think that restaurants should have the right to allow people to smoke if they want to, but I must admit that my enjoyment of restaurant dining has been increased since they’ve been gone.
So, we don’t complain too much when Mark Zuckerberg gives somebody a time out, sends them to the penalty box, gives them detention hall for a week. But we probably should.


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