Wake Up to Make Up

This is a make up blog because last night I fell asleep. Which, of course, is a very normal thing to do at night, but I fell asleep on the couch in front of the TV with my blog unwritten. Helena had gone to bed, and called to me several times. Every time, I said “I still have to write my blog” and while I lay there thinking about what to write about I fell asleep again, so eventually I gave up and the deal I made with myself was that I would write it first thing in the morning, which I am doing now.
And all that after just one joint.
When I went to bed, I said to my wife ‘I should write the blogs in the morning anyway because then if I’m stuck for a topic, I can always write about my dreams’ and she said ‘Yes, you should.’ I’m not making that my plan from now on or anything, because half the time I don’t remember my dreams, and just as often they are not something I would put down in print on the grounds of I don’t want to incriminate myself in the court of public opinion, sort of a personal 5th amendment.
Last night my dream was set in a little village, which looked a lot like a picnic area along the Vltava through which I often walk and I believe I’ve mentioned it in blog posts before, like the time a Doberman of undetermined ownership decided I was worth following around. An itinerant priest came through, who bore a certain resemblance to a teacher I once had, and I decided to show him the book I was writing (which I am not writing in real life, but sort of have the idea, it’s a utopian manifesto kind of thing)and I showed him an outline. He ignored it, so the next day I went to the colonel (the dream now seemed to be set in South America), and persuaded him to take over the village.
Which we did, charging up the embankment like the Sioux at Little Big Horn, and bursting into the village, where people were walking around, holding hands, and totally not panicking, and not being angry, either, just sort of laughing at us.
That was my dream, and this is my blog for yesterday, and I may consider switching to morning writing, but not yet.


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