Morning Walk

My Mother-in-law is down for the weekend, as is my wife’s cousin, so I had to go outside to smoke a joint this morning, because my wife doesn’t want them to know. Of course, what’s said on the internet lasts forever, but if they’d ever read my blog they would know that already, and there’s little chance they will ever read it in future since neither one speaks a word of English or has any interest in learning.
So, I was thinking I’d go sit in the park, and it was appropriately unpopulated on this damp and overcast morning, but my feet and the force of habit propelled me through the park, across Sokolovska and the derelict green and across the street beyond, which thinks its a freeway, into the indeterminate land next to the river.
Well, I was walking real slow, and smoking as I walked, and I’d just finished the joint when I looked up and it was perfect. I was looking between two trees, mostly brilliant yellow leaves with just a slight tinge of green left here and there, and their upper branches were intertwined, so it was like looking at a picture in a frame, or through a window of invisible glass, and there was a building there,directly across the river. I couldn’t see the river, but I knew that it was there. The building was a light orange or dark pink, I guess you could say peach, and it was a vertical rectangle on top of a square, all edges, there was something Dutch about it, and in the upper section was a cross, but not a cross cross, it was the pattern of the windows but, still, probably deliberate even if it was not a church, that’s just what people did in the 19th century, or it might have been older than that.
I walked on a bit and the view changed and I was looking at a steel and glass thing which was undoubtedly less than 30 years old and had not an ounce of history or mystery about it.
Not trying to read two much symbolism into it, it was just sort of a snapshot moment.


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