Since this blog is about sports tonight, let me first say congratulations to the Chicago Cubs. You finally did it. Now, it would be great if you could win the series I saw somebody write that the World Series will eclipse the election news, seeing as how the Cubs are in it. Well, why the hell not?

Anyway, the reason tonight’s blog is about sports is because we went up to see our niece, Natalie (7, I think. Maybe 8.) play floorball in a town a bit north of Prague. Floorball is like indoor field hockey, I think. Anyway, a bunch of kids running around the gymnasium with plastic hockey sticks and a hard plastic ball (but TINK hard, not THUD hard).
Her team lost,7-6, against a team of boys. Not too many more years that dynamic will work, but I think it’s great. Now that they’re about the same level, let ’em play.
I actually thught the loss was much worse, because we arrived late and saw the boys score 3 quick goals in a row, but before we got there, the girls had had a big lead.
It was a bit awkward leaving, because the only way out of the building was through the changing room, and after their game we couldn’t go there for a few minutes, obvs.
That’s floorball for ya.


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