More Speculation on the 234 Planets

I know I wrote about this just last night but I can’t get it out of my head. First of all, 234 is a very small percentage of 2.5 million, about .01%, or one out of 10,000 planets examined, but while some scientists might use that to throw shade on the study, to me that reinforces the idea that these are intelligent civilizations trying to communicate with us. (well, maybe not specifically with us – it strikes me as more likely that they are sending out the signal into blank space, figuring any civilization capable of receiving the message is probably one they’ve intended it for)
If it was just the kind of signal emitted naturally by a sun of that kind, it would be a higher number than 234. Sure, there are many different types and classes of sun in the galaxy, but these are like ours, and it’s one of the more common types. So, it would have been more.
Of course, it could still turn out to be some technical glitch (pidgin droppings on the telescope, for instance) or human error (maybe Borra and Trottier have just seen a few too many Star Trek episodes), but I certainly hope scientists are taking this at least seriously enough to focus our search on those stars for a while.
234 stars. Could it all be one species or (as I think is more likely) a federation of planets. That would be most totally awesome.
It’s as if the human race has been lost in the woods for the past, oh, I don’t know, since the beginning of existence I suppose, and suddenly we’ve stumbled into a cocktail party.
Focus on those stars, scientists! Until this story is disproven, I’m going to continue believing that theyre out there.

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