Remember, Remember

Remember, Remember
the 5th of November
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot
I see no reason,
the gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot

…and due to that clever little rhyme, and the fact that everybody loves a good bonfire, and the movie V for Vendetta (really good film, btw) and those masks which have become so popular, I guess it never will.
But, we may never know the truth of it, either. As I go through life, realizing more and more how much politicians lie to us about what’s happening in the present,I realize more and more that they must have lied to us in the past as well, and the gunpowder plot definitely has all the hallmarks of a false flag event.
First, motive: James needed a boost in the polls. Elizabeth was a tough act to follow and he was having a hard time winning the confidence of the English people,maybe partly because he was Scottish, but that wasn’t the only factor. There was the popular graffiti of the time “Rex fuit Elizabeth;nunc est Regina Jacobus.” (Elizabeth was king, now James is Queen.) Thus proving that people who wrote graffiti in early 17th century London spoke perfect Latin, and weren’t illiterate taggers who probably couldn’t spell their own name even if you spotted them a vowel. Also, he had this crazy idea to sell a lot of bibles. He was not to be the last politician to use his political fame to sell books.
Second, opportunity: Well, sure. Nobody had more access to the basement of Parliament than the king’s men. If they wanted to put dynamite down there and later ‘find’ it – a tactic police in the U.S. commonly use today to arrest people for drugs – I’m sure they could have done it.
Third,the ability to cover it up. Kings actually had this all over modern politicians. Capital punishment was all the rage, the popular method was beheading, and the king’s word was good enough. This is before the internet, before TV and radio and, in fact, before newspapers. News was spread by the town crier, and not many of them were willing to be separated from their heads, I’ll bet.
So, in many ways it was just like 9/11. Remember, remember. Never forget.


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