Sunday is the Autumn of the Week

Another weekend come and gone, that took no time at all. Sam had a game Saturday, they won 6-0 and he got a goal and it was a nice one, dogged persistence. It’s a lovely field, on top of a hill, surrounded by poplar trees, all blazing yellow and in a week they’ll be bare. It was cold. At half-time I went for a walk in the park just below the stadium. You can see Prague Castle across the river and to the right, and to the left Smichov and that massive freeway bridge curving across the river and up into the hills behind, and further up the hills fields and forests, beyond the town.
I’ve written maybe half a dozen short poems and then got a notice that they’ve canceled November’s Alchemy, which is kind of bogus because the cancellations are becoming more frequent, but, as I’m not going to do anything about it, can’t bitch too much.
The few short poems have given me an idea for another book of poetry, “The Meaning of Life in Easy English” to be a series of very silly poems, with a couple of objects introduced, and then some deep and meaningful denouement, maximum 6 lines total. Stuff I could use in the classroom. That’d impress ’em. (maybe)
O.K., Monday tomorrow, must be up early. Good night.

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