Election Analysis

RIP, Leonard Cohen. Thank you for many decades of beautiful songs, and thank you for pushing Trump and Clinton off the front pages, for a moment.

My Facebook feed is absolutely chock-a-block with butthurt Hillary supporters blaming everybody who failed to vote for her, particularly us Stein supporters, and just refusing to admit that she was a lousy candidate.

I’m not the greatest political expert in the world. I don’t have the intellectual rigor or the objectivity of someone like Nate Silver, for instance, but here’s my take on why she lost, for what it’s worth.

I’ve written a few times throughout this campaign that Trump was trying to lose. What kind of a presidential candidate insults POWs? What kind of presidential candidate makes fun of handicapped people? What kind of presidential candidate brags about not paying his taxes?

I still think he was trying to lose. But, the Democrats tried harder. First, the debates. Republicans had about 20 of them. Oh, yeah, they were a shit show, but it was hours and hours of free publicity for their party, and any publicity is good publicity, and they did serve the purpose of identifying a candidate who had broad public appeal. The Democrats had four, and they were not at times peak TV watching. They just threw that away because identifying a candidate who had broad public appeal was not what they wanted. They already had their minds made up.
So, they rigged the nomination and just brushed aside the legitimate winner, who was leading Trump in the polls by double digits.
Then, the campaign. Trump carried on having massive rallies (as Sanders had had) and Hillary Clinton carried on having dinners with her rich friends. She said she didn’t need progressive votes and she picked a conservative for a vice-presidential candidate. (I’ll bet Tim Kaine is more pissed off than anybody right about now)
Her whole campaign strategy was to have her supporters tell everybody on social media that they were stupid if they didn’t vote for her, and hated women.
Really, truly, a glaringly tone deaf, incompetent campaign.
I’m glad it’s all over.


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