Poetry Night at Žižkovšiška

I just came from a poetry reading at Žižkovšiška (Zheeshkovsheeshka, which as far as I can figure out translates as Žižkov Pine Cone. Žižkov is the neighborhood.) on Bořivojová St. (Borzheevoyova, after somebody named Bořivoj, I’m pretty sure)and it was a nice event.
For a change, I wasn’t reading. They had a full program, were trying to get some new faces in, and I appreciate that. The Prague poetry scene definitely could use some new blood. That’s not slamming the Prague poetry scene, which would be a pretty lame attitude for me to take, since I am such a part of it and, you know, wherever you go, you bring yourself.
No, what I mean is that every poetry scene everywhere needs new blood all the time because whether you define poetry as a search for the truth, an attempt to entertain, or a primal expression of our deepest emotion, new is always good; fresh is as desirable in poetry as it is in fruit.
It’s an interesting atmosphere there, sort of a cross between a tea room and a pub, with a heavy dose of art gallery thrown in.
Unfortunately, I could only stay for the first half. They posted the start time as 7, but I’ve been in Prague a while, and was at that pub for a poetry reading once before. Prague standard is for events to start at least a half hour later than posted, and the Pine Cone takes that a bit further. I got there at 7:45, had a Ginger Tea which was interesting, my mouth is still tingling a bit, but I don’t know if I’ll order it again, and things kicked off about a half hour after that.
When I snuck out at the half, it was 10 p.m., and I’ve got to get up early tomorrow.
It’s getting so I just can’t keep up with these young kids.


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